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K…question about carrying while on my bike. I understand this depends on state laws & such. Do the women out there conceal carry? And suggestions on camera too. Curious as to where would you conceal to have “easy” access? I’m legitimately curious. I can get a c&c legally but not sure where it would be feasible to put it?
I got out on my hiking adventures & go out a ways so I end up having my hiking poles sticking out of my backpack like ninja swords?
Haven’t had anyone bother me yet…? ?
but think with seeing some of these videos of bikers being “assaulted ” not sure if I want to wait any longer. (I also have the understanding that bikers can be assholes…cagers can be assholes…& don’t know what happened before some of these videos are recorded…just throwing it out there I do have a smidge of common sense & know everything is not as it looks at times)
Thank you for input…

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  1. I carry a LCP 380 in my pocket.

  2. I carry IWB at the 8 o’clock position. (4 o’clock for right hander) the key is wearing a coat that won’t ride up. I’ve also pocket carried my little 9 and have shoulder rig I can wear under my riding vest.

  3. I carry a Springfield XDS 9mm at about 5o’clock position.

  4. Just thought of something…anybody have a \

  5. Small ankle holster or waist holster. Just have to find the right holster that fits how you’d like.

  6. You and look for a carry bag that clips to your belt loops. I usually put mine in my riding jacket pocket.

  7. I carry a S&W Bodyguard .380 \nUsually in my jacket pocket.

  8. Check your local laws, go ahead and take a concealed carry course or when you buy a gun , buy about 300 rounds of practice ammo. Having a gun won’t help you unless you really make an effort to prepare yourself on how you need to be able to quickly acquire it and shoot if the situation presents itself. I would recommend the Glock 42, or the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard in .38+p. For a small easy to manipulate everyday carry gun that IF you practice with it enough would be very effective in a bad situation. My knowledge on this comes from 20 years of firearms experience, 10 years of competition handgun shooting, and 5 years of tactical/self defense of being an instructor. Good luck !

  9. Fwiw I carry a Glock 19 stuffed in my crotch by my hips . That’s always a good place to keep one tucked away hidden. They make things called belly bands you can get. That’ll keep it comfy.

  10. Glock 19 in a shoulder holster. Doesn’t limit mobility on the bike and is quick to access if needed.

  11. On the bike I run my g29 owb around 4 o’clock

  12. My icon holds my shield 40 perfectly. The judge is a little harder to fit.

    Its the “inside pocket” on the left. Lays flat so you cannot see it.

    I have never had to draw ever thankfully even when working armed security. South Florida people are nuts and I’ve seen people jump out with pipes and such. That would warrant a draw. Cutting me off and giving the finger does not.

  13. Depends on what riding gear you wear. For me, appendix carry has been my choice for years, even while riding. If you’re going to carry choose your clothing, gear, and carry method around the gun, not the other way around. Carrying while riding is no different from carrying for any other activity if you plan accordingly.

  14. I open carry mine on the right side of my suit, just bought a brand new holster for your same concern. Clean often, especially after rain.

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