Carrying a Handgun While Riding


Question: Does anyone open or conceal carry a handgun while riding?

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  1. Usually concealed, but then again i always carry concealed. Having formerly been both military and armed protective services, i see the wisdom in having it and not needing it, rather than needing it and not having it. I value all life to the highest, and will gladly give my life defending it.

  2. I carry my S&W shield 9 with a Can Can hip hugger. 🙂 they’ve got some for men, too. I love mine for riding.

  3. Usually I carry my duty weapon or my off duty. IWB and under my jacket. My fear would be to hit a bump and have my holster or firearm come loose and bounce down the highway lol

  4. Let’s not start a gun debate. One happened in a kawasaki group. Didn’t end well.

  5. I’m trying to find the right holster for my Springfield xd mod 2 .45 to use while riding

  6. I have an aliengear holster

  7. I carry my service firearm most of the time even when riding (concealed inside my shoulder bag).

  8. I usually carry a concealed $20.00 bill when riding in case a couple beers and a chilie dog are needed half way through a ride.

  9. My .54 ca. Percussion rifle is a warning to the HD gangs 😉 Gets a lot of attention on the interstate.

  10. Always

  11. Always concealed.

  12. A nice shoulder holster provides good security while riding. I’d be worried I’d lose it in the small of my back

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