Car tire on Softail Heritage


someone here use car tires on the heritage?
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  1. The dark side. Bad idea. Not enough rubber on the road in turns. You can watch videos of the tire lean and see how much rubber is on pavement. Not much. Never saw the the reasoning of having an expensive bike (or any bike) and putting a less expensive car tire on it just to save a few bucks.

  2. Common on touring bikes

  3. Also if you get into an accident the insurance company possibly not pay out because of improper safety equipment for either medical or damage

  4. Positives- cheap tires.
    For you single guys, you won’t exceed the weight limit on that ride home from the bar with that 6x passenger.

    Negatives- car tire beads & motorcycle beads are not designed to match up.
    Insurance might throw out your claim if you are involved in an accident.
    Sidewalls in car tires aren’t designed for cornering.

  5. Thank you all, I was so focused on looking for something that lasted longer than I even thought about security. I’m going to try to convert a form of conversion to tire without camera

  6. Not good #!!!!!

  7. Do you also eat tide pods?

  8. Only if you never have to turn

  9. I’m just curious….how many that have replied here have actually ridden on a car tire? Any first hand experience, or merely opinions? If you haven’t personally done it, what makes your opinion count?

  10. Nope its really hard to ride whit car tires I dont like it

  11. This question gets asked often I noticed.

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