Cannondale synapse or Fuji sportif?


Cannondale synapse or Fuji sportif? geometry seems right, you get more bang for your buck with the fuji, but my buddy swears it’d fall apart after 5 years.

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  1. Love my cannodale synapse

  2. Never know… Cannondale is owned by Pacific now.

  3. I guess my holdup…. is I can find a shimano 105, including brakeset, minus crank fuji for about the same price as a sora synapse.

  4. I have a Synapse and LOVE that bike. You have my recommendation!

  5. I've had my synapse for 4 months and no complaints


    This is Fuji's warranty policy. Most carbon bikes come out of the same factory. This may sound dumb, but which bike do you most enjoy the looks of?

  7. You may want to get a new bike every 5 years anyways. just saying

  8. I have a Synapse and love it!

  9. All 3 of my Fuji's are beasts

  10. Cannondale

  11. Cannondale
    I have a CADD12 and love it

  12. The synapse was used in the Paris roubaix so that tells you the level of quality…..

  13. My Fuji is 6 years old with 60000km on it. Still going strong

  14. Also, if anyone has recommendations…. let me know. My only real criteria are 1)road 2) a more "endurance" type geometry, I'd rather be comfy than super fast/aero and 3) Coming from the previous bike, I am a disk brake convert! So much better(to me) than rim brakes.

  15. I have both… I have a synapse hi-mod Di2 disc and a Sportif 1.3 disc.

    The comparison isn't really fair between them – the Synapse was a $5,000 bike and the Sportif was $1500.

    I figure you're looking at one of the entry level synapse models… regardless, the Synapse is a superior bike – the frame is why. Cannondale has spent years refining the Synapse frame for endurance/comfort and the ride quality shows.

    The Sportif is a good bike. But the Synapse is a REALLY good bike.

  16. Take the one that motivates you most. It what you ride more.

  17. If you weigh over 240lbs stay away from Fuji. I weigh 270 and broke 5 of their frames before giving up and buying a Cannondale.

  18. There's very little difference between all bike shop quality bikes other than paint color and stickers. There's only 4 main frame manufacturers that make them all . I've seen that you typically get more bang for your buck with brands that aren't supporting huge factory team and have giant advertising campaign. I was a Fuji dealer for over 20 years and literally had 3 frame warranties in that whole time . Also sold KHS, Haro, GT , Jamis and Raleigh. Not much difference between any of them . If you're not super concerned about resale, buy the one that's the best deal .

  19. Just got a Fuji Gran Fondo and LOVE it.

  20. Cannondale all the way. BTW I'm collecting my new synapse today after work

  21. Go Fuji, and maintain it properly! With proper care it should last just as long, the components will be better for the same price anyway!

  22. Cube Attain SL 105 Disc, great specs for the money. Hydraulic disc brakes and looks to die for

  23. I've owned my '93 Fuji Roubaix since it was new. I began my cycling adventure on her and she has never failed me.

  24. Giant Defy Advanced

  25. Good old steel frame will last you years!

  26. The Defy Advanced I heard could have some cable noise rattling inside the frame…looks cool, but if your bike making noises drives you nutty, it's not the top pic.

  27. Synapse. No question about it. Going to give you a much smoother an more comfortable ride.

  28. Synapse would be the only choice. Fuji's are a low grade, me too brand. Nothing special, just another Asian made bike. Notice there are very few IBD's that carry them.

  29. I love my Fuji ~I bought it as a beginner bike, had it for 3 years now and never a problem. I love it

  30. I have been riding my Fujy SL1 Pro since 2010

  31. My sportif was funny bike

  32. Which one has the best warrantee on the frame? Components you'll wear out and have to replace anyway so you'll end up with what you "always" wanted, but the frame you live with.

  33. Thanks for the feedback guys! Tested out a specialized allez, and a kona as well. Ended up ordering a fuji sportif 1.3 from my LBS. It should be here on Friday. Super pumped!

  34. I just got a Fuji sportif and the parts are all decent qaulity. The only thing bike manufacturers really make is the frame and fork so I wouldn't be worried about the Fuji falling apart

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