Can you still suffer from hatismos years after thyroidectomy


Hi guys ,quick question. Can you still suffer from hatismos years after thyroidectomy. Thanks x

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Answers ( No )

  1. Hashimotos won't go away just because you have your thyroid removed. It's an autoimmune disease. 🙁

  2. My antibodies have been non existent since my surgery. 2 years now.

  3. I don't think it goes away. Once you have it you will always have. The reason it my not show up is because it is being controlled by the medicines you take. But if you meds are not working b effectively then I assume it will be present in your system again. I'm not a doctor but maybe you should clarify with them and let us all know the actual answer to that question. Please

  4. Drs disagree. Some say yes, some say no.

  5. What about Graves?

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