Can you recommend good motorcycle boots + pants.


Hey all. Can you recommend good motorcycle boots + pants. Preferably crush-resistant boots? Also looking into frame sliders, which did you get?

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  1. do you need thermal insulation?

  2. I like my Dainese Tempest D-Dry pants, kinda an all arounder its pretty waterproof and has an insulated liner you can remove in the summer

  3. OES for frame sliders hands down. \n\nI have a pair of Alpinestars SMX vented boots and they’re decent as far as fit and being comfortable. \n\nMy SIDI ST’s are the best boots I’ve ever owned hands down. Pricey but worth it.

  4. and most boots are not “crush resistant” they really are not made to withstand 2 tons of car on top of them, they are more made to keep your lower bones( ankle shin area) from being snapped in mild crashes by keeping that part of your leg somewhat rigid, but it doesnt make alot of sense because the next bone thats gonna break is your Tibia or your Fibula further up the leg.

  5. OES frame sliders look the best to me.

  6. Alpinestars SMX 3 Vented…best boots I’ve had yet. Very flexible with plenty protection in the heel.

  7. Sidi boots

  8. Have a pair of Alpine Stars SMX-1Rs. Most comfortable riding boot (shoe as it only goes a bit past your ankle) ive ever owned. Flexible, but reinforced everywhere. Its like riding with a regular tennis shoe. Fit was perfect, and the side zipper with velcro enclosure makes it simple to get them on and off. My pair look a lot like yours, but mine have white, and obviously a different enclosure system.

  9. I wear A* Roam 2 boots in both the waterproof and vented versions. They’re nice for the price and aren’t real obnoxious looking when you’re walking around.

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