Can I use the battery of my car for R1?


hey guys I have a question can i use the battery of my car with jumper cables to star up my r1 2016 without causing any damage??? Thanks

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Answers ( No )

  1. I would invest in a trickle charger

  2. Don’t turn the car on

  3. Yes but only do it with the car off.

  4. Who jumps starts another vehicle with the engine off?

  5. Yes no problem

  6. It will have some serious amps… but go for it…

  7. yeah you can jump a bike by a car just don’t have the car running

  8. I jump started my jeep with my bike lmao

  9. Like these guys said , yes but car needs to be not running .

  10. I do it with my truck off but sometimes I’ll have it running for a bit then shut it off before I start my bike. I’m more worried about my truck’s alternator going out

  11. The amps don’t matter at all, it’ll only draw what it is pulling in for amps or the load side(the bike), your house is 200 amps more than likely doesn’t mean your shoving 200 amps into a tv or any appliance.The logic makes 0 sense here

  12. You can jump a motorcycle battery with a car battery that’s not turned on.

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