Can anyone tell me if raynauds is common in youngsters?


Hi all. I took my 14 yo son to the dr 3 weeks ago as he keeps getting blue/white hands. They can hurt him at times too. Anyway the Dr said straight away he has raynauds and booked him for blood tests. Last week we got the results back and she said they seem fine to her (results were 7 normal, 1positive and 3 acceptable). Anyway she wanted to start my son on nifedipine but it came up with a warning about his age. So now they have referred him to the hospital (need to wait for the appointment). In the meantime, can anyone tell me if raynauds is common in youngsters? As the Dr said it’s rare to see it someone so young. Also what can we expect at the hospital appointment? Thankyou. (U.K.)

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  1. I can tell you that I've had cold hands my whole life that I've dealt with but, I didn't get color changes until about age 18 in my feet. I've often wondered if you can be born with Raynaud's.

  2. I was diagnosed when I was 11 but according to my Dr I have had Raynaud's since toddler age. I really didn't change colors until puberty.

  3. I got it when I was 12 or 13.

  4. Thanks all. It's reassuring to hear from you . I'd never even heard of raynauds until the dr mentioned it! Guess I'd better get myself educated on it now xx

  5. My daughters 1st episode was when she was 8 weeks.

  6. So many of us in hindsight know we had it as kids. At what age did we recognize it was an ISSUE? At what age did we get medical for it? Many decades later, when you finally got some answers.

  7. That is the medication my doctor put me on last December and it's really helped me, wish your son the best.

  8. I got switched from this med after about 5-6 years use, to another one that protects the kidneys at the same time. Some meds have side affects and my dr said SWITCH. Labs showed stressing in areas.

  9. Joyce I realized it was a problem early. I was diagnosed a long time ago and I'm almost 30 now. It became a real problem when I started turning purple and blue. I have not been on meds for it. I also have primary which could make a big difference. Secondary seems to be worse

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