Can anyone explain the symptoms?


Picked up this 99 R1 last week and I believe it’s starting to have the second gear slip. Can anyone explain the symptoms and can I fix it myself or is it best to take it to a shop?

Can anyone explain the symptoms?

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  1. Feels like chain jumping over sprockets…..full engine strip

  2. Need to go in bottom of engine.remove gear set and replace 2 gears and probably a shift fork. Not full engine strip

  3. Second gear slip. Is it only when your getting on it?

  4. My 07 was slipping extremely bad at high rpm and it just turned out to be clutch plates. Just an idea

  5. Is its slipping out of 2nd when you accelerate hard it will pop into nuetral ?

  6. This is a first generation common issue

  7. Only happens in second gear around 5-6000 rpm if I go full throttle it jolts the bike then continues through the gear fine never goes to neutral and the rpms don’t jump up

  8. I’ve researched what’s involved in fixing second gear doesn’t seem insanely complicated. Has anyone on here done it themselves?

  9. I’ve done more than i can count. It’s one of the easier engines to split the cases. Don’t replace the gears. Have them back cut. I send my stuff to fast by gast. There’s other places that do it, but I’ve had great luck with him.

  10. Just give me the bike- it’s not worth fixing!

  11. ‘Picked up a 20yr old super sports and can’t believe it has an issue which is common on that model vehicle’

  12. Clutch plates is common.. "Slipping"at about 9k rpm?
    Especially in colder weather ..

  13. Loosen the clutch a little

  14. You say slip do you mean it jumps in and out of gear when under load ? If so ( worn gear dogs and most likely bent selector fork)it’s engine out bottom half strip down replace worn gearbox parts . Not a hard job .

  15. Right I done my 98 r1 2nd gear slip, cost me u00a3500 just in parts, that was 2 fork selectors and 2nd gear, all gaskets, I done it myself, with a mate in my living room, and took about 24hours, doing it right not rushing, was like new when finished

  16. You can take the engine out, and do it upside down, starting from the sump, much easier

  17. Just send it. Redline 1st and skip 2nd… You’ll never miss it…


    Most of us 1st gen owners probably know this but there is a guy on YouTube who did a full video series on rebuilding his 2000 the whole way and did it right, had 65000 miles on it before needing a rebuild. If you want to see how to do the transmission, look at videos 10-14. He mentions the 2nd gear issue. I would watch the videos first to know what you’re getting yourself into before you go gung-ho and rip the engine out like I did without knowing what I was doing. Best of luck, get parts off eBay, it won’t be too bad.

  19. Sounds like clutch worn. Mines started slipping a little at high revs and the last time it did that I changed clutch and was fine

  20. Had the same shit with mine…

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