Can anyone advise me, please?


Can anyone advise me, please? Is coffee (Nescafe) okay with someone with primary raynauds? I have many cups a day, basically because I love it and it warms me up. With thanks.

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  1. I drink at least 10 cups of coffee a day as like you I love it's never made any difference to me …I believe do what makes you happy as this illness can steal so much of you …enjoy every hot delioushes cup x

  2. I drink a pot of coffee a day. I don't know if it hurts it but I'll die before I give up my coffee!

  3. Supposedly coffee causes inflammation which I'm not sure how that affects Raynauds. I try to adjust diet to anti inflammatory but there never taking my Bustello away lol

  4. When i drink energy drinks my hands get cold

  5. Caffeine can cause your blood vessels to constrict.

  6. When I saw a vascular specialist a year and a half ago, his first question was "do you drink coffee?" I said I drink a cup of coffee every morning, and he recommended that I stop. According to him (and also and other resources), caffeine can cause blood vessels to constrict, which for many people impacts severity of Raynaud's.

  7. I read that link about half an hour ago, Aliza. And that's why I questioned it. I was just hoping it was a bad joke or a lie.

  8. Glenda enjoy every cup ..if we only drank water an our diet was just vegetable …nothing would change our illness there is more caffeine in tea but they tell you to drink tea very contradictive advice do what you won't to an in energy drinks they are full of caffeine an sugar

  9. Tracey, I think I'll go with your advice. This raynauds thing has affected me badly (I hate being cold as it is) and if I drop dead tomorrow (don't think I will), I will kick myself for not having those coffees that I wished for in life xx

  10. Raynauds is a circulation problem. If the core of your body is cold for example the heart lungs, when affected the blood from the extremities hands and feet, sometimes nose lips and ears to protect your core. So no Coffee does not affect your Raynauds sweet x

  11. I was told to completely cut out caffeine, nicotine and stress…. are they kidding?!!!

  12. O gosh poor Glenda asked a question about coffeee …not a massive debate on who no more about the shit illness we all have ..lady's please stop

  13. I'm in the UK maybe our Dr's do not agree, let's agree to disagree, no harm done xx

  14. UK too! I was advised to reduce the amount of coffee I have, i generally go for decaffeinated coffee instead, and tastes similar enough. I did see an improvement in reducing my caffeine intake. I also like to have herbal teas to warm me up! Ultimately it's up to you, could be worth chatting to your doctor.

  15. My doctor told me that my raynaud's was being caused by adderall, despite the fact that I've had it since I was a child and never took medication for ADD until I was an adult. I'm sure it makes it worse, but I enjoy holding down a job and not crashing my car into the car in front of me because I got distracted.

  16. Caffeine effects My raynaulds so I only have decaffeinated coffee. I try not to drink anything or eat anything that contains caffeine

  17. Try ginger tea. The ginger increases blood flow

  18. I don't believe you should give anything up but finding warm alternatives would be a good thing.

  19. Ehh I developed raynauds out of no where last year. I stopped smoking and cut out caffeine. It went away….
    Well so far… haven't had it since. We'll see when the gets cold in a few months.

  20. I have one ginger capsule per day and drink ginger infusion and Ginger Ale. Think it might help. ..

  21. A warm cup of broth is good in the morning too if tea and coffee are not your thing.

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