Can-Am Spyder Vibration Issue


To all my Spyder friends I’ve got a question, when I get my Spyder up to around 72-75 I get a vibration. Any thoughts?

Can-Am Spyder Vibration Issue

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  1. Drive belt vibration, very common.

  2. Common response is needs sway bar or belt linkage timing adjusted. Oh and Semper Fi .

  3. Belt tensioner will solve this problem from what I’ve read !

  4. You need a belt tensioner

  5. Ours does that too, they say it is the belt needing tighten.

  6. Others feel its from the belt. Not sure.

  7. Drive belt… needs belt tensioner.

  8. I had that same vibration, had it back to the dealer to retention the belt and still had the vibration, finally installed the belt tensioner from SlingMods, Very rarely do I feel the vibration any more

  9. Common. Throttle up or down, or get a Belt Tensioner for best results.

  10. Get the lamonster tensioner. Put a stop to it

  11. Belt tensioner problem will be gone. Ordered mine at Lamonster garage.

  12. I had the same issue today…..

  13. Do you have a sway bar? If not that will help

  14. Need a belt tensioner and possibly a lazer alignment

  15. Sounds like belt vibration

  16. Yeah- take it up to 100 and see if it goes away!

  17. belt tensioner will fix this issue

  18. You need this to protect it i sold mine and never took this out of the box make an offer

  19. I know everyone says you need a belt tensioner to stop the vibration. And I am sure it does. What happens when the bearing that’s running about 10 thousand Rpm. Goes out and eats the belt. All bearings wear out.

  20. Me too, so I go 77 and it seems to go away ud83eudd37

  21. You need a stabilizer. to stabilize your belt. ( belt tensioner )

  22. You can drive out of the vibration – belt tensioner not required. Throw money at it if you like … I did but eventually that gizmo goes bad and you will need to repair or replace. I drive around the vibration now.

  23. Looks just like my 18 rt

  24. What gear on you in and what’s your rpm? If your in a higher gear and lower rpms then you could get that vibration. These are high reving machines, you should be around 4500-5000rpm. If I’m mistaken someone will correct me.

  25. I just put a belt tensioner on my this weekend.
    I wish the roller was a little wider. If you’re belt is off the rear pulley to much ,the roller does not cover the whole belt

  26. Belt tensioner, or rebalance the wheels.

  27. Front end alinement caused that on my F3 at 75 MPH +.

  28. The drive belt vibrated on mine so I put on a belt tensioner and problem solved.

  29. Really. Thats what mine do too and the Mechanic said thats what these models do 2011RT. Smh really

  30. I need to check into this too!

  31. This could be the belt tension,you should get it checked’

  32. They all vibrating

  33. They all do

  34. You can buy a tool called klicket from Gaye belts. For kess than 15 bucks. And check it yourself.

  35. check front tires cupping

  36. Have your belt aligned and properly tensioned.

  37. I had np at 96

  38. I guess hold on tighter

  39. No problem at 102

  40. Drop the gear and it stops

  41. I installed lamoster belt tensioner and BAM gone

  42. Go 76 mph and it will be fine. Be careful when you hit 88 MPH.

  43. Put a belt tensioner on it.

  44. Under inflated tires or different presure on one or more tires specially in the front. This is the most commomn issue and most people fail to address it because the tires don’t look flat, Measure the tires presure regularly or at least once per month.

  45. What shakes. Front end. (Tires, shocks). Rear end (drive belt or unbalanced rear wheel). Jack it up spin tire watch for wobble if any. Watch belt for looseness then tightness as it changes speed.

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