Can-Am Spyder Leaking…


Ok spyder family any ideal on where this leak is coming from on my 2011 RT before I take it to the shop and spend an 💪🏾and a 🦵🏾to get it fixed 😆…. I rode it on Sunday and she was a little slow on shifting but after about 10 minutes she was fine 🤷🏾‍♀️

Can-Am Spyder Leaking...

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  1. Is it oil or coolant

  2. Under your seat you should have brake fluid reservoir

  3. Could it be the blender on the rear break.

  4. I hope I don’t sound dumb but did you wash it or did it spend some time in the rain? My bike stayed outside and got very wet when we had rain. Water kept coming from the left side as if it was the passenger seat and backrest draining. Again, I hope this is not a dumb response for you but I did see that on y RT.

  5. First determine what the fluid is.

  6. Did you smell it or taste it? Got to know what it is first.

  7. What’s in your safely bag leaking…..

  8. Did your neighbor’s dog pee on your back tire?

  9. I can’t answer your question but I just have to tell ya I LOVE the color and your floor boards ROCK.

  10. Gin bottle in the side compartmentu2753

  11. My comment did that… It blew back and when I parked, pooled

  12. I am so glad I got rid of my RT didn’t want to face the amount of issues that these darn things have.

  13. Check all your fluids…jack the bike up and you should be able to find the leak..could be just a pin hole leak in a line…

  14. I think a dog pissed on your rear wheel. No seriously you first have to determine what the fluid is. There is only 2 things that it could be, first is water either from your saddle bag and secondly brake fluid. I would after you determine what the fluid is check the brake fluid level which is under your seat.

  15. Anything in the pannier that would be leaking. Put your finger on it and rub your fingers together. Should be able to tell if is oil the way.

  16. Maybe you put too much oil in and it overflowed into the air box then leaked out to the floor.

  17. have you gotten it wet lately

  18. Could it be a male dog leaving a leak?

  19. What is in saddle bag

  20. Looks like it’s on your belt too.

  21. My 2012 RT-S left a similar oil leak. It was the rear shock blew a seal. Rode on a pogo stick to the dealer for a new shock.

  22. Thanks for all the help and suggestions I really appreciate you

  23. If your pants are Also wet it’s you bro

  24. I like those nice looking floor boards.where did you get them.

  25. Mine was the shock

  26. its just your bike marking its territory

  27. Where ever its coming from it looks like it’s running along the belt. I would be looking at the other end.

  28. Water from the body

  29. Bottle of wine in the side compartment?

  30. Was oil change present? Oil drain plug and filter tight? Looks like the bottom side of belt is wet

  31. Well based on where it is in relation to the Spyder… it HAS to be blinker fluid!

    Sorry couldn’t resist. Although as others have pointed out, you it seems that it traveling the belt.. get it up in the air if you can and get a good look along the belt.

  32. Were you running the air conditioner? LOL

  33. check the brake fluid ?

  34. Tracy, please update this thread when you have your answer.

  35. In the back the only fluids would be brake fluid. Or the shock was leaking. With that amount it should be throwing brake codes.

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