Can-Am iPod or MP3


Does anyone have anything other than a radio,iPod or MP3 system in their trunk? Im looking for maybe a system to play thumb drives with music on them.

Can-Am iPod or MP3

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  1. I bought the Nolan helmet and the hands free that fits inside. Now I have FM and all my music by Bluetooth on all three of my bikes.

  2. Nice, I do have blue tooth in my helmet for the cell

  3. Buy a $20 FM transmitter at a local auto supply and plug it into the cigarette lighter in the trunk works great because it’s handy to the antenna

  4. I just use my phone connected to my SMH10

  5. Put MP3 on your gps

  6. I have satellite radio

  7. A lot of MP3 FM transmitters have USB ports on them for thumb drives and SIM cards. Look on eBay. Either that or transfer your music from the thumb drive to a SIM card for your MP3 player.

  8. Stupid question, what is a thumb drive?

  9. Blue-the fastest color!!!!

  10. I was told at the dealer that you can use it

  11. I hooked up my XM radio!

  12. Yes, I have 2017 RAT and the thumb drive works great

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