Can Am Defender Oil Question


Hey y’all. I have an oil change question. I bought the oil change kit for the defender. And I noticed the oil only filled up to the first line. My question is: do I fill the oil up to the 1st line from the bottom or 2nd line?

Can Am Defender Oil Question

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  1. Which defender do you have and what kit did you get

  2. Yeah cause my kit came with more than I needed and I have the 1000

  3. I have an h d 5. And this is the kit they recommend for me at the dealership I got it from.

  4. Hd8 and hd10 takes 2.1-2.5 qts and the hd5 takes 3.1-3.5 qts

  5. You got the wrong kit

  6. Since the hd5 shares the case with the transmission you need more oil compared to the v-twins. They actually have a 450 specific service kit.

  7. Order a longer dipstick

  8. Leave it they run best on the minimum side of all fluids…..they are damn tough machines built to take on severe conditions and temperatures…the oil will expand when heated and if you check it when it’s hot I bet it will be on the top line. Some guys put the front diff oil in till it runs out…other guys read the casting next to the plug that’s stamped 400ml and they do the math…..let it ride.

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