Campsites in Bendigo or Ballarat?


Does anyone know of safe campsites in Bendigo or Ballarat? Not during school holidays. For a lone rider. Then possibly Nelson or further into SA please?

Evan Chisholm:  Camped here in Nelson Р Nice quiet camping area in the top paddock, few Roos loose in it though (much like myself!).

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  1. Try Aysons reserve near Elmore

  2. How long for Karen?

  3. Wikicamps is your best friend.

  4. Bendigo and Ballarat have some nice spots in the Gold prospecting areas. Only ever visited by prospectors generally.

  5. Lake burrumbeet is a decent place. Plenty safe

  6. English bridge

  7. Check out Tarnagala

  8. Andrew Hogg anything you would suggest…

  9. Slatey Creek at Creswick 20 mins from Ballarat – Nelson stay at the princess Margaret Rose caves camp not free

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