Camping Northern Ca. Coast and Redwoods


Made it back from our first Camping trip with the new trailer. Down HWY 101 thru Or. and Northern Ca. Coast and Redwoods. Back up the Crater Lake National park and home. all went well. Loving the Tag-Along more with each mile. Hardly know its back there ๐Ÿ™‚ around 1400 miles.

Camping Northern Ca. Coast and Redwoods

Camping Northern Ca. Coast and Redwoods

Camping Northern Ca. Coast and Redwoods

Camping Northern Ca. Coast and Redwoods

Camping Northern Ca. Coast and Redwoods

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  1. Very niceRick.BUT, you need to repaint the bike and trailer.
    They clash with the blue tent and tarp.

  2. LOL, were ARE in the market for a yellow tent, But in the mean time, the bike Does have a blue stripe ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. OH, Ok, My mstake,

  4. Bet you didn’t have any problems with folks not seeing you! Which is a good think when we’re on two wheels.

  5. Love your trip, I’m at 2470 miles and not even half way yet. NY to Ca and back, I’m in NM right now.

  6. u003C3 It was so beautiful at Crater lake. The 101 along the ocean was too. Loved our first camping trip. So nice to have a trailer.

  7. Sounds like a great trip…glad you enjoyed it…

  8. Rick, did you happen to check the tongue weight on the trailer, and was your ice chest loaded?

  9. ice chest was loaded and no, i didnt check the weight, just eyeballed the load, but im thinking the trailer is pretty forgiving that way. it pulled perfectly each day. no sway at all, in fact im convinced it actually stabilized the bike in wind and passing trucks and even going over a bridge with the steel grating. . My Brother said it was probably like putting training wheels on the bike LMAO ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I too have had cases where I felt the trailer stablised the bike. Muddy dirt roads during a heavy rain in Montana, comes to mind.

  11. Sounds like a great trip. I also believe a trailer helps stabilize the bike. Gravel, grated bridges, scraped roads, and etc….

  12. Man! Your trailer turned out great, but I have one question. How did you color match when H-D won’t give out color codes?

  13. Steve Blood, I didnt have the paint codes, just found a yellow that was close and tinted it a bit to get it closer., so its not an exact match, but even differnt parts of the bike look a different color in different light, so fo now, its close enough :). Thanks

  14. Nice run, thanks for sharing

  15. Paint color matches kind of like a matching canopy does. From certain angles…. it doesn’t, but from others it does. It looks great. Blue and yellow go well together. Keep the tent.

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