Buying motorcycle from a dealer not in your state?


Quick question!!! Can you buy a motorcycle from a dealer not in your state?

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Buying motorcycle from a dealer not in your state?

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  1. depends what state you are in

  2. California is a state with very tight emission requirements. I would check with DMV about it or part it out!

  3. It’s America. You can bike any bike in any state. The question doesn’t even make sense. You will likely have to pay TAX in your own state as well as possibly have to pass various tests to make it legal to tag, if it’s a grey area bike. Just about every motorcycle sold that’s street legal is 50 state street legal. No different than buying a car, other than number of wheels.

  4. Yes, unless you live in CA. Since you do, you’ll have to make sure that it’s a model certified for CA. Some manufacturers make versions specifically for CA.

  5. Depends what oil ya running

  6. You can but when Cali inspects it then you’re screwed. Unless you have another address in another state you can title it in.

  7. All I know is some states just charge extra on title work if its out of state for whatever reason. Then you have California lmao.

  8. California is very very strict on their emissions an shit tho so be careful

  9. You ppl who live in CA are crazy I don’t know why anyone would want to live there. Sure to visit there but to live there no way!!!

  10. Some states Make you pay tax on purchase as well as you paying tax when you title and register in your own state. Some states are such that you only pay the tax in your state when you register it

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