Buying a 14 250L tuesday with 3,000 miles/4,827km


Buying a 14 250L tuesday with 3,000 miles/4,827km! Should it b good to go or is there anything i need to look out for? I consisdered almost new still?

Chris Rowlandson: Mine has 11,000km and most of that is single track. The only things I have had to change are: oil, air filter, brake pads, and front fork seals (that’s my bad for not cleaning the bike), a chain, as well as front and rear tires. I would inquire how it has been ridden though. I would keep my 250L but I really want an africa twin for adventure rides as I also own a husky. I actually rode the crf250L the other weekend and was extremely impressed on its manners in single track!

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  1. I’m looking at a 13 with 6500mi. I’m questioning also! Good luck! At the right price you can always overbore and make it everything you want!

  2. Below 10,000 km considered low mileage, nothing to worry. Keep the air filter clean, new spark plug if you wish, change engine oil every 2000 km……abuse it!!

  3. It’s a Honda, barely broken in, change the oil, check it over, and put some actual miles on it.

  4. Coming from a 2001TTR 250 with worn out shocks I was kind of scared with these shocks being smaller but I bet they handle better than that old bike does

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