But what could that rear engine knock be?


Hello, new Harley owner here and have rode a few hundred miles on it so far. Today I started to run out of gas so I hit the reserve. I made it to the station and filled up sry my fuel to on and left. About a mile down the road it just died. I waited about 15 minutes(trying to start it every few) it fired back up,rode for a few feet and it died again..finally got it back to rubber gas station and called for it to be Trailered home(about a 30 drive) got it off the trailer started it up and it had a back engine knock/tap from about half way to the top of the head. The station has a rep for having bad gas and I didn’t know it. I have drained the tank already. I plan to put gas in it that I know it’s grim a good station. But what could that rear engine knock be? The oil is full. Any info is appreciated. It’s a 99 sportster 1200

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  1. It called engine pinging. There is no enough octane in the fuel that you put.make sur that is higher than 95.when you have engine pinging dont crank throttel to hard you can damage your pistons.i had simimar problem one day…just be carful what fuel you are putting in the tank and it will be allright.and sry for my bad english

  2. Your English is just fine I read it with no problems. Thanks very much for the info.

  3. what fuel octane is normally recommended for iron 883

  4. Always use the highest octane available.

  5. I always use 102 octane fuel in my Iron 883 2017.

  6. when you use reserve any crap and water in the bottom of your tank may enter your fuel system

  7. Yup what he said. Drain tank completely. Refill with fresh gas. Petcock off. Drain carb. Petcock on. Go riding 🙂

  8. Are European octanes the same as American? It’s not something I’ve ever thought about before. My Harley manual recommends premium, at least 91

  9. European octane is measured differently than USA and Canada. We use average of RON and MON, but 91 in us/can is more than safe in a stock sporty. In fact the evo engines late 80s to 03 run just fine on 87–as long as they are stock. I’m licensed HD tech in case u r wondering. If u do notice any pinging/rattling under heavy load (low rpm and heavy on the throttle, big hills, two up etc) then go to the next higher octane fuel. Higher octane than the minimum necessary to not ‘ping’ will not improve performance

  10. I use non ethanol

  11. I’m going to use 93-98 octane


  13. I put the stand down as precaution. My foot was asleep😂

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