Bunkhouse camper


We bought our Bunkhouse camper last year & used it for 3 weeks on the road last Summer. Pic #1 was taken at our Sturgis campsite. Pic#2 is from the front looking in. Pic #3 is from the back window, looking across the kingsize bed, towards the front. We are totally happy with our camper & we plan to use it even more this year! By camping at Sturgis instead of staying in a motel, we actually paid for our camper in savings!

Bunkhouse camper

Bunkhouse camper

Bunkhouse camper

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  1. Bill Matthews,pack it up and let’s go to Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge and campground Memorial day weekend.

  2. Nice set up…

  3. Where is Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge John?

  4. That looks huge inside !! Question, do you feel safe in it at night? I mean like against bears and psychos?

  5. Did you buy it new? How much are they? Very interested.

  6. Bears, we keep NO food in or around camp. Psychos, I don’t guess i’ve ever seen one while camping. But, we have a psycho terminator handy if needed……

  7. Michael Kirchner, we bought ours slightly used. I see used ones for sale on here & other sites. Google Bunkhouse camper & get all the info. They have a big display at Daytona & Sturgis every year.

  8. I like the way you think Bill. I have a psycho terminator on me at all times also.

  9. There is a huge storage area located under the bed & all our clothes & "stuff" is easily accessible from inside the camper. Its a great design!

  10. Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge and campground in Stecoah, N.C just outside of Robbinsville,N.C.

  11. Thanks Jerry!

  12. Great place and great folks that run it.We will be leaving the Friday morning before Memorial Day from home,just west of Athens,Al. coming.back Tuesday or Wednesday

  13. This will be our 9th Memorial day weekend up there and we love the place,owners and crew.We have at least 3 couples coming out of Delaware that I have met on line.

  14. looks great ! i’m looking to get one myself. Question: Do you still pay the tent rate at camp sights or are you paying the same as a car with a pop-up camper ?

  15. We still pay tent prices

  16. Tent rate Rick Shaffer. In fact, we stayed at Mesa campground near Gunnison, CO & they gave us a motor home spot at a tent price!

  17. We do get tent site with power which is a couple of bucks more . Electric blanket has felt pretty good in the mountains at times.

  18. I’m learning a lot just by listening to this conversation ,

  19. thanks, i was wondering

  20. In Sturgis, no power was available & we didn’t need any. In Colorado, power was included, so we went to Walmart & bought a 50′ power cord & a power strip & we charged our phones in the camper! They even had free wifi!!

  21. We stay at a lot of KOA’s when we travel, (for the same reasons + bathroom and showers) . We tent camp and try to get power when we can .

  22. Hey Bill Matthews…too bad those beer swillin’, beer burping, loud snoring biker trash were next to ya huh?? Lol

  23. Yep Scott Russ! They’re good ole boys for sure…..lol. That’s why we use ear plugs at night, to drown out all the snoring & farting!! Bahahaha!!!

  24. Do you know what year it is?

  25. The 75th, of course Tony Hanson! Scott is a friend of mine & he camped next to us last year & probably will this year too, lol.

  26. Our bunkhouse lx

  27. Sorry was.asking what yr the bunkhouse was

  28. Bill Matthews… Better hope that band of gypsy biker trash from last year doesn’t camp next to you this year. If they do I’ll ask them to keep it down just a little

  29. Lol Scott Russ!! Tony Hanson, mine is a 2012.

  30. We will be there. Have no fear of that

  31. 2013 Bunkhouse LX with my 09 Ultra last weekend!

  32. Where were you at? Looks a lot like Shade Valley. We stayed there in 2013.

  33. We were at Hog Heaven campground, close to the hill climb area. It’s a great facility & the bath house is awesome!

  34. I’m riding down to pick mine up in a few weeks. Can’t wait!

  35. Nice camper !!

  36. I just inherited a 2011 Bunkhouse LX and need to get some info on how to use it – how to open, close it up again, any tips on using it would be greatly appreciated. It seems the manufacturer is no longer in business.

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