Brake upgrade for R1


Thinking about brake upgrade

My R1 is a track only bike now and I’d like a little more power and feel with braking

Thinking Brembo GP4 RX’s with ABS delete and Brembo master

Any thoughts?

This isn’t my bike… I just like the livery

Brake upgrade for R1

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  1. I’ve Hel master, calipers & GPFAX pads with abs delete. Its enough to detach your eyeballs

  2. If you just want bling you can drop a load of cash on calipers but really no need. The Brembo master and SBS dual-sintered pads is more than enough. Pro Superstock racers are way faster than all of us and they use stock calipers.

  3. Abs delete made a huge difference for me.

  4. I’ve got a 2014 and am considering the same – moving from the 6 pot calipers to 4 pot brembos and rotors. Already have lines and RCS19, but I’ve gotten what feels like air a couple of times this season with not super heavy braking.

  5. I’ve got the billet 19×20 Brembo gp master
    Abs delete
    Brembo P4 34/38
    Basically I’m not a GP breaking set up from a few years ago and then also the TK rotors in 7mm wsbk spec thickness
    They make the MotoGP moto 2 and Moto 3 rotors
    Which we are a dealer for I’ve got the first custom set in WSPK spec for the Yamaha my break was the test bike so I can source any of these above listed parts for you if you like I am owner of
    We are obviously a race shaft that build race banks race cars so on and so on let us know if you need anything at all we can hook you up on price!

  6. But to your original question yes I think that would be a very good swap your breaking would massively improve. And therefore would be the best track bike that’s really the Yamaha’s only downfall is the braking system which can be altered and fixed with a few slight changes and pads and so on

  7. RCS19 Master.
    ABS Delete.
    Vesrah SRJL pads.
    Stock calipers.

    You will be golden.
    Aftermarket calipers are definitely a bling factor deal. The factory R6/R1 calipers are some of the best.

  8. Following. Own a 2019 R1 track only bike and I really need better brakes now.

  9. RCS19 Corsa Corta

  10. GP4 RX and yes fucking STOPS I actually have rear lift on a few corners lol

  11. I made that move on a different bike and added RCS 19 Corsa Corta and RCS 17 on the clutch side. MAJOR difference. Excellent choice and beautiful bike

  12. And have a brembo billet master im selling also!!!

  13. Don’t need callipers m8
    Get decent master cylinder braided lines ur wasting ur money with callipers

  14. OK so that IS my bike and all I’ve got is brembo RC pads and abs delete lines. Here’s a little clip of it in action. The brakes are pretty good as they are. Next step would be a new MC but calipers are overkill IMO unless you are seriously quick or just want that bling factor.

  15. Stock calipers are great, there are many experts that use R6/R1 calipers on there gsxrs because they are good. Get rid of your ABS and add braided lines with vesrah SJRL ZZ or SJRL XX. You will be like WOW

  16. Lower it and strech it about 14 inches

  17. ABS delete, braided lines and versah pads alone made a GIANT difference

  18. I need to know more about ABS delete stuff

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