Brake pads and rotors for 07 CBR600RR


I need some advice. I’m looking for brake pads and rotors for 07 cbr 600rr. I’m mechanically inclined to do the work and understand what I need to do. I bought the Haynes book for it for the understanding and torque spec. I need a direction where to look

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  1. I got. Mine on ebay.
    Just remeber u get what u pay for tho

  2. I get sbs pads from eBay. I like em

  3. Amazon or ebay

  4. Rocky Mountain as everything you need brake pads, rotors, How to videos etc.

  5. EBC or Brembo discs, SBS street sintered pads. Don’t bother with EBC pads.

  6. Armstrong.Galfer.Even original disks. Don’t buy cheap Chinese u will have to buy more

  7. Arashi rotors on eBay actually hold up. Have a set on my 954 and no issues (1.5 years or so). They do get a touch of surface rust that oem did not get when wet for a bit, but no adverse effects and goes away immediately.

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