Brake Fluid Change on a 2005 BMW 1200RT


How much can I expect to pay for brake fluid change on a 2005 bmw 1200rt with servo brakes ???

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  1. Depends if it’s an ABS model or non ABS, not the same bike but a K1200LT with ABS around 3 or 4 years ago I was quoted £150. If you are happy doing it yourself, you tube is your friend. BMW brake fluid was around £7 for a 500 ml tin the last time I bought BM fluid. Edit Missed yours has servo brakes, so at a guess it would be around the same as the LT plus some for cost rises.

  2. I know from experience that some dealers shy away from brake fluid changes on RT and similar servo bikes due to servo failure

  3. Whereabouts are you based?

    • It’s a pain of a job. Tries a few years back in my brothers R1150RT. Got the special funnel from USA. Ended up removing servo. Brakes are so much better. I would estimate £150-£200 to allow for taking fairing bits off and on and the job.

    • junking the servo is much cheaper and the brakes are definatley 100% reliable

    • Bypassed the ABS on my LT, at least I know when I apply the brakes they work. My ABS got very temperamental and failed £1600 for a new pump, with no stock anywhere at the time.

    • and only guaranteed for a year.

  4. Had the ABS servo removed on my LT as it packed up

  5. I have the factory service parts for the 1150….it’s a pita alright. When they work, they’re great. …but when they don’t …..

  6. your dead ahaha and you have brown pants

  7. Don’t know about a main dealer but I’d charge £45 – £50 including fluid. If the servo goes then the price goes up .

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