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I have a question my friends hope to get some info ? i have a 2015 bmw s1000rr and my battery went or is slowly dying on me !! i see it comes with a Yuasa YTZ7S and was wondering if i can trad it for a yuasa YTZ10S i know the YTZ10s battery is bigger but has more power have anyone had donde this or if a can get som advise !! thanks

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  1. Makesure the battery box. It can’t be any taller than the original but it can be wider and deeper. I just got a wps lithium instead.

  2. Might be able to find the dimensions to see if it fits or not.

  3. Thats the replacement I bought . Great battery

  4. I would get a shorai battery from revzilla or motomummy. They weigh 2 lbs and last a long time. They are an lithium battery. You can go to shorai website to find the part number you need. I made the mistake from buying from shorai when you can get for 50 bucks cheaper from motomummy.

  5. WPS is better than Shorai IMO price and product are excellent mine has 310cca. Don’t need it but it’s worth it to me.

  6. I got the same battery it was like drinking a red bull for my 2013. She ran like when I first bought her.

  7. Go Lithium Ion. Lighter & cranks better.

  8. 2 years with zero issues and it’s 90 precent lighter then stock Antigravity Batteries XPS SC-1 Lithium Ion Extreme Power Series Battery 180CCA

  9. The 10z dimension can fit without the tray, but i wont suggest cause the cable doesnt well position after, +you can actually just charge the stock one and believe it can actually last up to 2@3 more charge.

  10. thanks for all info wil look it to lithium batteries thannks my friends !!

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