Bluetooth communicate with passenger?


Does anyone use Bluetooth to communicate with their passenger? Looking for recommendations. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I talk to my wife all the time. When we ride we take a break from talking

  2. Nope. Sit back, hold on, and shut up.

  3. Anything by SENA. I have both the 20S and 10U.

  4. I literally bought a 35 dollar com device from Amazon that works perfect for communicating one on one.

  5. Yes. Sena. Be careful what you wish for. Double-edged sword. js

  6. dual Sena here. love it

  7. danny. do not. signals are good enough. left shoulder left right shoulder right mid back straight. she will be able to let you know if she has to pee. you will hear that even at speed.

  8. Good god no. That’s the reason I ride, so I don’t have to listen or talk to anyone else! ????????????

  9. Everyone is gonna tell you Sena….but I like the Interphone boxes. They use a Bluetooth protocol that will connect up to any other brand. Most others don’t do that from what I understand. For that reason…in my mind….Interphone > Sena.

  10. Sena SMH10, works great with passenger or another biker, loud volume so I have to turn it DOWN a bit, about a mile line of site, maybe a bit more, also listen to music and can make/receive phone calls and the person on the other end doesn’t even know I’m on a motorcycle. Clear quality sound on both ends of conversation. You can also run wire from iPod if preferred to headset. Two ear/speaker system with boom mic. \nI’ve tried Maxon and Chatterbox and neither hold a candle to Sena

  11. Lol back in the early 90’s I went to radio shack and picked up two of the cheap intercom headphones. I ripped off the headphones and just used one side earpiece to shove inside the ear side full face helmuts.\nBelieve it or not it worked excellent as a push to talk between operator and passenger.

  12. Scala rider is tits

  13. We use sena units

  14. Sean 10 units are the best.

  15. Sena 20 so far we like it

  16. Got Amazon, look for the IdeaPro Interphone, less than 100 bucks for a pair, work awesome!

  17. Nope. Don’t wanna hear nobody flapping their suck hole while I’m decompressing in the wind.

  18. I use a Scala Rider Packtalk. It’s a little bit of a hassle at first with the updates an whatnot you have to do out of the box, but it works well, is loud enough to allow me to put my earplugs in and still hear others or listen to music. It does a really good job of blocking out wind noise usually, of course depending on the helmet and how the user sets it up. You can get the step down if it’s just two riders, which is the Smartpack. The DMC mode makes connection as simple as turning on the device. I really like mine, but the Sena devices tend to be good, too.

  19. Scala riders work great

  20. One word. Sena. Does not disappoint. 20S if you wanna listen to music and talk at same time.

  21. G9 Cardo, been using hassle free from new.

  22. I have had several of the expensive systems, and they had wind noise above 55 mph.\nThe People who designed the F5 should ride across Nebraska and hear the wind …\nI actually liked the lower priced chatterbox products, and I had a push to talk button on the unit itself if the wired push to talk button wears out.\nI am still waiting for someone to come out with a wireless push to talk button. \nWhen on the road for weeks, I want to grab and go. I don’t want to pair the units, or hope that they are paired…

  23. Better makes it clear my Scala Rider q3 set (paired) is made by cardo

  24. No passenger, but my hubby and I tried using the CB’s between our Ultras years ago and went back to hand signals and catching up at stops. Found we didn’t enjoy talking while riding, it interrupted looking at scenery and sort of drifting in our own quiet thoughts. Then we would talk about things we saw (like eagles or sunrises) at stops. BUT – we have gotten older and no longer remember what we saw by the time we stop – so maybe that is a consideration? Lots of friends enjoy talking to each other when riding though.

  25. I have a pair of 1 year old scala rider blue tooth communicators we no longer use. I’d sell them for $50 ea if you just wanted to see if you like the concept. \n\nScala work fine and my wife and I have used them for years. This is our second set. We switched to sena because we can control our camera with these as well. We also ride on separate bikes. Both sena and scala work up to a mile apart. Message me if interested

  26. Sena 20s. I have a Sena freewire so I can use the HD Infotainment system wirelessly as well.

  27. Scala increases volume with speed Sena don’t plus scala has a fm radio all styles

  28. One thing about the uclear No mics…. and i use them with open face helmet with no wind noise … and can match up with any Bluetooth headset Does not need to be the same brand… Do your research and try a few out before purchasing Every one has an opinions Free advice is cheap and anything cheap well what can i say… Make your own choose Just my free advice lol..

  29. Nice last name

  30. SENA 10R love em

  31. Any out there that can be used with out a helmet

  32. Why? so dumb not to ride without.. lol

  33. In my experience blue tooth is less reliable then hard wire systems for passenger communication but cost has come way down and even HJC and Bilt helmets have cost effective factory blue tooth

  34. I just bought a Sena S-20, and my buddy bought one for him and his wife. I have only played with it for phone and music thus far, curious to see how bike-to-bike works. He was very happy with it for him and his wife so far, he said it works better than the BMW one they sell that he is going to part with.

  35. Sena works great.

  36. Sena is awesome. My wife and I use it for bike to bike communication and it keeps us in touch with clear communication for up to half mile. Nice to use with your cell too.

  37. Sena 20! The best. All day talk.

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