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If you are located in Indiana and you’re looking for a good deal you should check out Bloomington Power Sports. They are a volume dealer meaning they make their money by selling bikes quickly rather than selling them for as much as possible. It’s worth the trip.

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  1. Wow that’s a real good price! Actually they’re more expensive in the Netherlands anyways…

  2. That’s what I paid for mine in 2015

  3. I paid a little more than double here in Taiwan…

  4. Dealers here in Indianapolis and Westfield are selling them for that price or less. The problem isn’t even the price it’s the added fees. Some charge over 1000 Dollars in added taxes and fees. I just bought my 2016 Vulcan S ABS Cafe brand new for $5900 out the door. Plus they threw in a gear positioning indicator and a factory passenger seat at no cost. I was going to get a 2017 SE model since I liked the color but it would have cost me almost 2000 more than this 2016 model and I do like the Color Scheme on the Cafe model. It pays to shop around since none of the dealers in Indiana wanted to even come close so I had to travel to Illinois to get a great deal.

  5. I only payed 4800 out the door after all taxes and fees on my 15…brand new. I believe sticker was like 4400-4500.

  6. Halls motorsports in Alabama had leftovers on cycle trader for 4199 so I emailed em to find out how much the fees are , no response so I called after a day or so . Salesman says I dont know where that price came from must have been a glitch or something , I checked trader again and sure enuf they had jacked the price back up about a grand. That was a couple weeks ago , checked this morning and they are back down to 4199 again , glitch ? really ?

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