Block off plates from under the air box?


Can anyone tell me please. Do you do the smog block off plates from under the air box or do you have to drop the raidiator on the 4c8? Decided to get all my mods done before I get a flash and fine tune on the dyno

Bike: R1

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  1. They sit on top of the rocker cover on the engine, fairing panels off n rad moved forward to get to them

  2. Thought that might of been the case. Just took the air box off for no reason

  3. As simon said airbox only has to come off to fit blank bung to underneath everything else from behind radiator

  4. All removed now thanks. Dropped the rad. Will the dash display an error code after unplugging the motor on the valve?

  5. Any sprocket recommendations? Going to drop a tooth on the front

  6. You can also use the 2009 -2014 R1 rear sprocket that’s 47 teeth works a treat

  7. I like a -1 +1 set up!

  8. Going to drop a tooth on the front see how I get on

  9. Genuine question lads, what’s the advantages of the block off plates? And is it worth doing? I know it’s a cheap mod? I’ve a full akro with decat.

  10. Stops the popping on de acceleration and gives you a true air fuel reading if you put it on the dyno. That’s what I understand anyway I could be wrong

  11. If you drop a front tooth your speedo will be out loads. Buy speedo healer only u00a380 new.
    I’m running -1 f +2 rear with standard length chain. Bike goes like a rocket

  12. I read somewhere you can fix that with a re-flash

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