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Quick question for the group: Do you guys name your bikes?
First bike(F650GS) was Moromete
And the current one is Ferdinand(like the bull), Ferdi for short.

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  1. My motorcycle is called sodium glutamate because it is a taste enhancer for all senses

  2. Fiona and Valentina… for the R1200GS and K1200S respectively. 🙂

  3. Nothing has come to me yet.

  4. 650GS was Lucy ; 1150GS is Gertrude ; XT600e is Blue Betty

  5. My 660 is named “Thumper”

  6. Of course! Her name is Zenzi ❤️

  7. My Triumph Tiger 800xc will be called “Tiger-COW”. The registration number starts with COW.

  8. This is bestiolina \x3C3\n( in Italian= little beast)

  9. Florence is my 1200gs

  10. The K100RS I named Guidon, as we did a big French tour 1986. Alain Petitfrere or any Frenchman may translate to English

  11. Mine are…the goldwing and the beemer

  12. No…personally i think its funny.

  13. My GSA was Heidi. The GTL is Argo.

  14. My Caponord is sometimes referred to as Capra (which is the romanian for goat).

  15. You bet I do! My Duc Monster (denim black) is Georgia!

  16. No. Girls do.

  17. my first Suzuki GSX400E was called Suzy

  18. I call mine at times when I fall off.

  19. Yeah the 1200GS is a big girl and German so is called Brunhilde! Mine is smaller and has gotten me out of many scraps, Freja.

  20. Yes mine is BB SHA

  21. It’s nornal to name them. Old Monster 900 is the Bijatch. Monster 695 was puppy, Hypermotard was lucifer, 999 has not earned a name yet, Multistrada was fuglystrada, 996 never liked so no name.

  22. 1st F650CS – Moucha / means Fly/ second K1300R- Ruzena/ means Rosary/

  23. May I introduce Bruno

  24. This is Heinz! And we have travelled over 60.000km in 3 years 😏. Toto De Silva

  25. Shamu and Tony

  26. I call my bandit “sexy suz”…??

  27. Yes. First bike (1200 custom H-D sportster) was named Trusty. Second bike (H-D softail deluxe) was named Beauty. Current bike (R1150R BMW) is named Plata which means silver in Spanish.

  28. uff today i have to rename my last bike, Ducati 796 Hypermotard from “Duc” to “Diva” ???

  29. My bike is called Neo

  30. I have a Rosa and a Betty 🙂

  31. Yep, I have Ada (for Ada Lovelace), and Charley (for Boorman).

  32. We have Badeend, Zebra & Grizzly

  33. The old bird coz it’s ridden by another old bird!!

  34. Yes, she is Maya :-). The previous was a Suzuki Sv 650 and her name was Suzette 🙂

  35. Madame Lash & Ronni Rocket

  36. Nomad I call mine…

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