Big Buddy to heat RV while boondocking?


Another question. Has anyone used a Big Buddy to heat rv while boondocking? And how do you like it? Is it worth it? So on? Would like to have something that does not use electric and can heat when temps drop.

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  1. I Bought one at lowes a few yrs back on clearance. $39.00 for the large one that sells today for like $129.00. It was worth $39, but not $129. I use it mostly in my boat as a back up heater. It goes though those green cans of fuel kind of fast.

  2. A RV isn't air tight, but you would still want to have a window slightly open. I wouldn't have one running while sleeping for sure.

  3. It uses 1lb bottles ultra fast, use 1 side and its a little better, the little buddy is better still but lacks the fan, I use both…

  4. heated my van right up. way dangerous in tight areas. shut off before sleep.

  5. I got the large one that can use two 1 lbs cans or 1 20 lbs. it has a built in fan. I have a 30 ft TT.

  6. Trying to prepare to go boondocking. Thankful for advice.

  7. The trick to boondocking (If your mobile enough) is stay in the lower states in the winter, then move north for summers. You don't want to be stuck in AZ in the summer or South Dakota in the winter. We have a very well insulated 5th wheel, and here in Oregon at times can reach 100 degrees, it's hard to keep the inside cool.

  8. I've put one in every rig I've owned for years, as my wife said above. I have always plumbed them in to the trailer propane plumbing and done away with the1 lb bottles. More ecconomical than the older furnaces with the added benefit of not using electric.

  9. Try googling open flame, cozy world and brick heaters. IMO, more efficient than the big buddy heaters. I have a quick disconnect into my onboard propane and a line long enough I can more it anywhere in my 35 ft mh

  10. In my Old Truck Camper. I mounted a ventless (always vent) Garage heater from Menards. Runs off a Reg Propane tank Just make sure to hook up a emergency shut off valve safety first always ­čÖé

  11. I keep it on low at 15 degrees out side and stayed toasty

  12. Best advice so far is Paul Marcus, lol. Move with the seasons and avoid the need if possible. If you can't trust something while you're sleeping, it's not practical.

  13. You are aware these have an oxygen depletion sensor?

  14. These are supposed to be safe indoors. Have used one in a canvas tent and it was great. I would recommend double cylindered one, as one cannister lasted about 6 hrs. In reality, it was too warm, and i had to crack the tent door

  15. I agree Cathy Fisher, these also have a tip over sensor…

  16. And the tip sensor works well. I once adjusted the angle in my small tent, and tilted it only a little and it shut down. Im very,pleased with it.

  17. I've used one to provide extra heating when camping in VA in the winter. They go through 1lb bottles like crazy ( several a day ), so IMHO the only way to use one long term is to attach a larger tank or plumb into the RV propane system. Olympian makes similar heaters that can be flush mounted in a cabinet.

  18. Some consider Wave heaters a better, safer heater. Twice the price but uses 30% less propane. Worth considering.

  19. With the work my hubby does we can't go north right now. Would be nice but for now we are sticking with the middle/ south states. Like Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. It will be at least 20 more years before hubby retires. I will look into the other heater.

  20. thank you for asking this question, I am considering buying one if these as well for my 30ft

  21. Had one converted to house propane. Worked well in 36' fiver. Sold it with the trailer.

  22. heats the van up quick. I got the regular size Buddy for 69.99 on sale at Academy

  23. I connect on to a 20 lb tanks with a hose I bought at home depo. Last about three weeks before a refill. Much cheaper that the small bottles. I also purchased a valve at harbor freight that allows you to refill small bottles. Use a small with a smaller heater. Used both for 7 years.

  24. Michelle Robinson what does your hubby do? Mine does power lines he's a inspector

  25. Cheryl Debarge my hubby works oil field but things have slowed down with the company he was with and they have stacked.

  26. Michelle, came to TX from ND, have been lucky enough (so far) to have kept to the Laredo area. Lewis Energy seems to be steady in this neck of the patch. Only a couple mornings when small elect space heaters weren't quite cutting it. Any further north and Big Buddy would have had a customer. Not thru Feb yet…

  27. Thanks Tom Glancy.

  28. Thanks all.

  29. yes, own it, used it, but takes a ton of bottles!

  30. I bought the hose to hook to rv 10 lb tank

  31. This post inspired me to write a blog post on this subject. Here's the link.

  32. Just keep yourself some fresh air, and propane is expensive right now.

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