Beta X Trainer Power Valve Setup


Question to all those that play with the power valve setup:

What would you consider as a big change in power characteristic? 1 turn in / out? 2 turns? more?

How much did you change and what did you gain / lost?



Beta X Trainer Power Valve Setup

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  1. Mine is all the way in, super linear, love it that way

  2. I have mine all the way out and i have gnarly pipe. Runs side by side with a 2019 tpi bikes. Has a better low end than the tpi in my opinion.

  3. Mines flush. I got more out of a larger carb.

  4. Flush. Just a small change.

  5. Just be careful of the seal in it. Tends to break with too much adjustment

  6. You’re just adjusting preload so the spring rate is the same. You can change the opening rpm by a few hundred. Changing the actual spring makes a very noticeable difference. There’s a window of optimum from flush to about two turn in.

  7. 1 turn is a change you can feel. 1/4-1/2 is fine tuning.

    Personally run my 250rr flush and the wifes XT 2 turns in. Really helps the whiskey throttles ­čÖé

  8. Big change, that would be a stiffer spring. KTM springs fit but Beta also has them now I think.

  9. Just turn it and ride it. My wife’s is all the way in mine I took out the secondary spring. Lol. No one died. Try it, live a little .

  10. Let me ask again – How much did you change? 1 turn? 2 turn? how was the change after adjusting? would you say minor / average / big ?

    More opinions of personal preferences – better!
    (It is not for setting up my bike…)

  11. Was wound in when I bought it but Flush now, a slightly more aggressive power delivery suites my riding,

  12. I ended up running both of line about 0.5mm in from flush which gave great bottom to mid and then opened up nicely. This was running an FMF Gnarly on the first bike and PC Pipe on the second. Seemed the sweet spot for me.

  13. Had mine full in.. I don’t liked it out.. It’s to unlinear for hard Enduro.. You loose all the traction when it’s hit

  14. I run mine all the way in with stock pipe, I used to own a WR 450 carb model so was never a 2T guy, but absolutely love my 15XT! So light and torque off the bottom is amazing.

  15. Only go 1 turn at a time, you can fine tune with 1/4 or 1/2 turn

  16. 2.5 turns in… perfect

  17. I run mine at 2 3/4 in from flush. That seems to be the best setting for tractable power delivery for East coast US single track. You don’t gain or lose power. You just change how quickly you get the power.

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