Beta or Husaberg Bikes have more HP over the KTMs?


Random question to anyone. Do the Beta or Husaberg Bikes have more HP over the KTMs? Tough finding HP numbers and I know some are 15/20 pounds lighter. Curious about the Husaberg 570 HP. And the Beta 480 r??

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  1. What is more HP going to do for you?

  2. Make the bike faster as far as I’ve experienced on previous bikes! Had a CR500 with 70hp growing up. And my GSXR 1100 was built out to a 1342 motor with 140hp rear wheel. Made it faster. And my buddies KTM just got built puts out 62 hp now. So I’m saying speed! Fun! Not heavy so Torque is not what I’m guessing your going to say. Torque is applied to heavy things. The CR500 was a tank to control. And would wear me out. The 450 I have I can max out when I want. 110mph is slow! I want more.

  3. My 990 makes 100. Rarely ever can use it. \n500 makes more than I can use in the woods. \nMore isn’t always better.

  4. I can ride! Lol I hit 50 mph on non Moto powered toys of mine.

  5. Sounds like you need to find about $12k Bucks cash. $5k for a Husaberg 570 and then another $6k on billet 660cc high compression crank kit. Otherwise a lightly modified FE501s will stick with FE570s lightly modified no prob. But no one is making a stroker kit for 500/501 that I’ve seen. Do all of that and still won’t have 103rwhp and 87ftlbs that my BMW HP2 has for 135mph dirt roads

  6. When you’ve done Blackwater 100, numerous Dave Coombs 100 milers, numerous GNCCs, Colorado 500s, get back to me :)\nIf you can ride you know a CR500 isn’t much for riding unless all you’re riding is wide open fields with no bumps and certainly no rocks and roots.

  7. My 1190R makes 150hp! Off-road supersport

  8. Dale just one upped you Bobby.

  9. I’m just comparing KTMs to Beta and Husky HP to weight ratios. Nothing more.

  10. My little 350EXCF weighs in at 250lbs and makes 45hp. For the type of riding I do with it, I can’t think of too many times I’ve thought I needed more power

  11. I’m always looking for more power on anything with a motor.

  12. Thus why us in the East and Midwest can’t read modern magazine shoot outs. Because they don’t ride in the woods. \nIf you ride wide open stuff I can see where more power might be fun, but…

  13. Very true. All desert here. Wide open.

  14. Man KTM is weird, It’s hard to locate a compression ratio for there pistons. I haven’t built one yet but Very soon when Rebuild time creaps around. At 80Hrs So this winter I’ll pull the head for some clean up ports and see if there’s room for improvement on the design

  15. Huskies have ktm engines

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