Best Winter Tires For Kawasaki Versys 650


Hi everyone, advice please on best tires to use on a 2015 for winter ridding in the uk. Thanks

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  1. Michelin pr3 by far the best road tyre outperforms the pr4 in grip and mileage aswell

  2. I have the same model and I also use pr3. I only know that it feels a bit more safe than the stock ones.

  3. Metzeler Z6 for me. Had them on both ER6f’s I had and will be getting them for Versys once stock has worn down a bit more.

  4. I use and love the Michelin PilotRoad 4 tyres. Can’t compare to the PR3. Had before on other bikes of similar size also quite some Bridgestone BT 23 and similar numbers. PR4 my favourite so far, I ride all year round, 1000 miles per month and prefer the PR4 above Bridgestone because of their superior grip and feedback in the wet.

  5. Metezeler z6 for me also 🙂 got them on my 2015 and the wife’s 2010

  6. Dunlop roadsmart 3 or avon trailrider.

  7. Avon Storm Ultra 2 , done over 50,000 on them on two Versys since 2010 . Never had any issues in some pretty gritty weather.

  8. Mine: Rear: Pirelli MT60 RS(new); Front: Michelin Road 4(Old – trying to save some more miles lol)

  9. If I can be so free as to summarise: Most modern tyres are excellent, look at the info and choose the one that gives you the most confidence. Because that is the most important bit: you having confidence in the tyres when it’s wet and cold. I trust my PR4s, did enough winters on them and when things got slippy it never turned ugly. So I trust them and that is more important than the minute differences between modern tyres. Lots of subjectivity going on when we ride.

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