Best windshield option you recommend for the FZ-09


What is the best windshield option you recommend for the FZ09 as this will be the next bike I buy? And what else do you recommend buying for it right away?

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  1. Get the bike and ride it for a few months don’t get caught up on mods esp if you’re getting a new gen \nAs far as windscreens go you’d have to mention if new gen or old and what kind of riding etc

  2. Once you spend some time on it you’ll be able to decide yourself what mods are must dos it’s all opinion and preference some will say suspension is worth it others will say it’s not etc

  3. Ok thank you

  4. 14-16 are different than the 17s, so depends what you plan on getting.. Also do you want a short sport one or more of a touring one? I have a 17 and got the Puig one, looks great, havent rode with it yet..

  5. I want whatever is good for the wind. Im going to be riding alot of wheelies and doing agressive riding

  6. Touring would be good for the wind but i think their ugly on the fzs.. for the 2017 this is what i got, shows the sport and touring..

  7. as for mods, exhaust, ECU flash, bars, and suspension upgrade are the best mods to do right away.

  8. Whats the cheapest ecu flash

  9. I was looking at the fz09 for a nice few years and the fact the new model had abs and tc it sold me on the spot. Loving the 17 can’t go wrong!

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