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Evening peeps. Whats the best way to spray a tank etc (on a tight budget) can you just key it and spray over the top or do i have to strip it to metal and prime it? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Key it ,high build primer scotch bright then spray it

  2. Honestly, the best way to get a lasting effect is to strip back to metal. My bike had a rattle can spray job on it, and the moment it was touched by petrol the paint reacted and now it looks horrendous. It’s better to pay for a good job and lacquer.

  3. Loads of good how to videos on YouTube

  4. Listen to the lady, or at least look at her for awhile…………

  5. Good clean, degrease, fine scotchbrite and use good quality rattle cans (Specialist Paints sheffield are best)

  6. I just had a complete front bumper one wing and my hard top resprayed for £400 . Think you need to ask for more quotes

  7. You can flat your existing paint , spray primer ,let it dry for a few days , flat it , prime again then flat again. Make sure it’s dry and grease free , spray colour , wait for recommended dry times before recoat .Let it harden off for several days then clear coat and wax the hell out of it ! Do this in a warm environment ! I would personally save and get a pro to do it ,should be around £120 for cash !

  8. If your tank has a good solid paint already on it and it is just a colour change or a freshen up never bare metal it , use the existing paint as a primer . Key the old paint up ( as long as it sound ) with 320 grit if you can paint it with 2k top coat or 500 if you can basecoat and laquer it . Don’t bother with aerosol even if it is the so called ‘ petrol resistant ‘ stuff . Been painting bikes and cars 22 years and 14 of those in my own bodyshop .

  9. If the paint is good I like to flat it down with 600 grit wet and dry used wet . Two coats of primer, two of colour and two pack clear coat.

  10. it depends on the condition and ammount of paint thats already on it…. no 2 jobs are the same and a bunch of different answers off the internet is just gonna confuse the fuck out of you. take it to a paint shop for a quote and ask loads of questions about how theyll do it, just dont tell them you intend doing it yourself. and yea a rattle can will wash off with petrol

  11. Thanks for all your help folks.

  12. I learned the hard way to make sure you give it a good cover of petrol resistant lacquer, not just the regular type! You can get this in cans.

  13. Colorite online will sell you the real stuff,primer, base coat, paint and clear. Comes with directions

  14. Consider plasti-dip spray

  15. Just interested to know why you spray primer on tank that’s already painted?

  16. Single pack fast drying colour, vinyl bespoke decals all covered with two pack clear.

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