Best way to repair/rebuild a plastic side panel?


So what’s the best way to repair/rebuild a plastic side panel? I’m thinking fibreglass matting is just to brittle. Are there company’s out there that specialise?

Peter Roberts:

Right then. Fibreglass and plastics don’t usually work well together. Best fix I have found is nail varnish remover and Lego…
Find a few Lego bricks of the nearest colour to your panel, chop into small pieces and mix with small amount of acetone (nail varnish remover) to form a paste. Scratch around damaged area to increase bond and apply mix. Use wide masking tape over area to flatten whilst curing.
Very strong fix – have used this to re-attach panel fixing pips – permanently.

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  1. I was about to ask the same question.😊😊😊

  2. Fibreglass not brittle mate,bulletproof a lot of 70,s BSA and triumph had f,glass panels and tanks.

  3. Soldering iron n a coat hanger for filler material is the shed bodge

  4. I used acetone and abs , you can make a glue out of the two mixed together, rough the area on the rear of the panel and apply the mix allow to harden off for 24hrs

  5. Ime repairing a1951 tractor with roofing fibreglass,excellent results

  6. I have repaired many a side panel with fibreglass if you prepare the surface well it will last a lifetime

  7. Fibreglass on the inside. Chopped strand mat. Just make sure you use a compatible resin.

  8. Hot staple gun snap on does them brilliant tool

  9. Plastic in motoscycle??? oh yea tail light lens.

  10. Soldering iron to put back together and keep shape and then fibreglass for support and to get the shape back. Spraying is someone else’s job 😜

  11. Not sure if it’s appropriate to your situation but plastic weld is strong and can be cleaned up to a smooth finish

  12. Make sure you roughen the surface as the resin won’t bond well to gloss/smooth areas.

  13. Soldering iron and zip tie as filler rod.

  14. solding iron to stich it together , hard but plyable plastic to fill in so zip ties or pringles lid ( cut the edge off ) etc . then score the shit out the back ( 40 grit ) , bit of resin fiberglass then the lid of a tin of beans and another layer to cover it which re-enforces the lot , why beans ? well its easy to cut bend and shape . Dont stick an inch of resin then the metal then another layer , you want the metal close to the plastic . Perminant fix …..

  15. I bought some filler rods from.ebay. yet to try them

  16. Just put new ones on.

  17. Plastex every time.

  18. Epoxy and light weight carbon fibre tape. \nIt depends on the damage. Brilliant kit on eBay called hot staples. There is a guy in Scotland that repairs them.\nI repaired mine with the carbon tape but then I worked in carbon for a job

  19. Plastic welding rods available on eBay hot air gun and patience.

  20. I have a few damaged panels on my 98 R1 which I want to repair, any I right in guessing these are made of ABS?

  21. hiI think most panels are ABS, so if you get welding rods, make sure they are for ABS, the older the panels it seems the more brittle they are I find in my opinion, good luck fella.

  22. soildering iron and cable ties weld it together, think along the lines of tig welding using the cable ties as welding rods and the soildering iron as the welding torch ! best way i can explain it

  23. The modern plastic panel/bumper repair adhesives are brilliant. They set rock hard in minutes and have amazing ashesion. Just make sure the surfaces are rough and clean. Once made strong then use ordinary body filler to get the finished shape.

  24. Ben, it really depends on what the plastic is. Best bet is to get it ultrasonically welded if possible.

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