Best way to clean the radiator on a Outlander 570?


Question! What is the best way to clean the radiator on a 2020 Outlander 570? TIA!!

Best way to clean the radiator on a Outlander 570?

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  1. Garden hose on the full blast setting.
    Don’t use a power washer.

  2. Foaming degreaser. Soak it. Then soak it again. Front and back. Rinse and repeat until you can see through the fins

  3. Just an idea I did this to mine when I had the radiator out…drill some holes in the corners helps alot with cleaning

  4. I may have to do something like this. I thought I was doing a good job of keeping it clean. Had the first service done, and then it started overheating. Took it to the dealership and they told me the radiator was full of mud.

  5. Yeah I thought the same thing that’s the fan side the holes really work and doesn’t affect the temp or fan operation

  6. Why not buy a xmr to start with?????

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