Best tyres to buy for the TNT Benelli 125cc


hi all. What are The best tyres to buy for the Benelli 125cc TNT for wet weather please?

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  1. Need the best of the best for mine so what's the score then ladies and gents? What's your OPINION ?

  2. What's the biggest rear that would fit,?

  3. Going for the Heidenau k58 or k66, as they have good grip and a good size..
    Lot of tyre brands vary in size, even if they are stated as same sizes

  4. Mitchies City Grip

  5. So far I've rode all winter on stock tyres and only had a couple of wobbles

  6. Stupid question as im new to bikes but does a normal car garage also do bikes. Can you tell i dont drive lol

  7. Perelli or Michelin I'm guessing. the stock tyres are so slippy in this weather

  8. Thank you

  9. But yeah what Des Gibbons said man

  10. I still have the stock tires on.. no problems

  11. City grips or anlas winter 2

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