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Talk to me boys….trackday tyres!… what’s the best compounds for the conditions… cold/hot days, high/low grip tracks, cold/hot tearing, managing wet tyres, who uses Inters?… would be nice to learn a few things from you lot… ??

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  1. Normally just use soft road tyres.. supercorsa sc1 or Bridgestone rs10

  2. Get Dunlop D212 tracktyres 1.4 bar rear 2.1 bar front and hve fun

  3. If that’s off your bike, you need to look at suspension settings that has looks like really bad shear.

  4. Mark Paul has put up a handy guide.

  5. HEI giovane semplice hai sospensioni di merda

  6. Hot = slicks, metz RR, Cold/Wet = wets, Mich power rain, but mainly sit in the garage till it’s dry, see\

  7. Hotter it is the softer you want the tyre and vice Versa, that’s all you need to know 😎

  8. SC2, SC1, SC0.. cold to warm to hot.. for me (and my setup) the best tires.

  9. Never put 2s in that bike they will fucking kill u, I got airlifted from oulton park because of an sc2 rear tyre

  10. and dont forget track surface. feel and feedback

  11. I understand it as this:
    The hotter the weather—–

    You want a medium or hard front

    With a

    Soft or medium rear

    Having said that, if your running dunlops…..

    Number 4 rear is perfect for all conditions

    2&3 fronts are very good

  12. Better suspension if that’s your tire

  13. Oh my word, pit lane exit, Sorry, funny but not. Hope you and the bike ok.

  14. Des I’d prob have a chuckle if I was you ‚ Iv only put it on to save a few people some money

  15. Sorry mate, I know it’s not funny, sorry for your trouble, I’ve done it myself, highsided in the paddock once.

  16. Thanks for the headsup, cold tyres + cold day, not good combo.

  17. I run an SC2 rear SC1 front but you need to keep the heat in tyre if you aren’t quick enough they don’t work properly also the pressures are crucial too I run 31.5 front 29.5 rear hot you will need to experiment but all a waste of time if the suspension doesn’t have a good base setting and need a good setup up for for your riding style.

  18. Omg tyre in the pic completely destroyed

  19. Seriously bad wear pattern that….

  20. Wow… it looks like the tyre presure is not sut to the condition you are using bro…

  21. Depends on how you ride. If you are a rookie. Street tires are ok. Intermediate then DOT like supercorsa s2. Of advance. Then slicks. Don’t waste money if you can get the most out of the tires

  22. Actually slick can be dangerous if not ridden hard enough even upon leaving paddock with warmers.. inter tyres have loads of grip but will wear out quick if riding vry hard 🖒

  23. To everyone who’s commented on this post, thanks for all your inputs, I had a quick look and found a great video which really helps understand wear types and how to fix ’em:

  24. I actually share a video on my bike page. Really good one too

  25. Talk to the tyre man usually behind the garages he put me straight with tyres and pressure

  26. Wowwwww the tearing on that tyre look sooo bad…

  27. Thats from a bad suspension…. Wow

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