Best Tires For YZF R1


What tires are you running on your r1. I just changed to pirelli diablo supercorsa on my Kawi ZX9R, and am about to change tires on the R1 and was thinking of maybe Michelin.

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  1. Pirelli rosso 3

  2. Dunlop KR448 and KR451

  3. hey everyone, when you put the tires, please also name the brand so i can do some research into your suggestions. thanks

  4. Pirelli Corsa 2 you get the best of everything life grip rain and track

  5. Pirelli Diablo on my R1

  6. The standard RS10’s, I quite like them

  7. Love the S22 on the R1, I’ve had multiple sets of Q3+ but they wear out way too quickly, they’re great tires, but I prefer the S22s by far.

  8. Can’t go wrong with Michelin!

  9. What u using it mostly for corsas be shit if u get caught in the rain

  10. Bridgestone s22

  11. Bridgestone S22

  12. S22 all the way lovely set of tyres as you can tell from other people’s opinions too

  13. But saying that the Michelin pilot road 5s are very good too

  14. Yes, it appears to be the one most people suggest. Doing some research on them.

  15. Hence the option of owning 2 bikes. i will run a different tire on the R1 which is why I was asking for suggestions.

  16. Michelin Power 5s are amazing. Buy those. I have them on my R1M.

  17. You can use Power 5s on level 1 or 2 track days. Don’t run Road 5s on the track IMO.

  18. Cup2 or s22s all day

  19. What’s everyone’s 2 cents on Q4’s

  20. I have q3+ on my 08 and s22 on my 14 and prefer q3+

  21. Dunlop q3 n 4s

  22. I’m running Q3+ on my 04

  23. I would go with S22!
    You get the same "hook-up" as a Q3+ with the loads of forgiveness like a Power RS.

    I also like the Rosso II’s and the TDs by Pirelli.

  24. Q3+ even though at times they’ll wiggle on you lls

  25. OK guys! I went with the S22 tires. Thanks for your input and ride safe!

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