Best Tire for KTM 500 EXC-F


Gents !! Need some advice on rear tyre choice for the 500?? It eats up most s/m tyre but also dont want to stick something on where I cant hit the rocky sections ? Most say Bridgestone x30 but I am not a fan ???


Darren Bishop:
If its Enduro you looking for then the Mitas C-18 completed the Romaniacs on a 1090 so no more proof than that needed and if its a bit more mixed riding then look at the Mitas E-12 as Chris Birch won the Hellas rally on one

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  1. I just fitted a x30 seems good so far. Or try the x20 its softer.

  2. Had a X30 on my 450. It would hook up well in everything but I find the sides on my AT81 bite much better.

  3. Mitas c18 yellow stripe best intermediate tyre

  4. The x30 is not a good enduro tyre … c18 for the rear and x20 for the front

  5. I had a 2014 500 the best rear tyre I always used was the Pirelli scorpion with a nice soft moose .
    Hooked up everywhere .
    The other Tyres where to soft on the carcass side .
    I did the Umzumbe Extreme on that tyre combo .

  6. Dunlop d606

  7. Dunlop 908Rr

  8. Use the dynlop mx 71 front and rear almost a rap-around grip on the rear gives good km on tyre..stay away from at tents too lose grip at angles..for me is mx 71 geomax combo still the best on the 500..race it on mi e

  9. What do you want from the tyre? A good dual sport tyre or a good Enduro tyre?

  10. 908RR DOES THE LOT…

  11. Try the maxxis M7305 ! Good tyre !

  12. Agree with mitas C18

  13. Pirelli XC mid soft 120/100-18 is the best tyre on the market.

  14. Hahaha once again tyre question has got every conceivable option put forward as the best

  15. Mitas for the win. Dont waist your time and money….get the best

  16. So who is going to throw Michelin in the pot.

  17. Mitas C18 yellow or green.. Very very good all rounders.. \nWet can be problematic… With 500 torque..\nDon’t spin them… They last and give great all round bite

  18. Agree on the mita c18

  19. Im going C18 All day long

  20. My 5c worth.I have tried every tyre on the market on my 500 in the last 3 years racing and there is only one brand that really worked for me. MICHELIN Hard for GXCC type racing and than Michelin’s brand new soft tyre for technical stuff. Finished this years Roof with the same tyre that I started on and I still have it on.

  21. IRC soft think its M5B?

  22. Goldentyre hands down

  23. I have had good luck with the Kenda Parker Dt. They are intermediate/hard terrain tires, aggressive knobs and DOT approved (if that matters). Usually around $50 front $70 rear(US$). They seem to last a good while here in Colorado (this place eats tires!)

  24. Mitas C20 or the C18… Very good tyre…

  25. Looks like c18 for the win ! Thanx guys

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