Best site or helmets at discounted price?


Best site or helmets at discounted price?? Already did a shit load of shopping around but cheapest I found was 540 for what I want…any helps appreciated.

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  1. When it comes to a helmet you get what you pay for. I for one really enjoy the bell star qulitfier. it’s a 250$ helment nothing really special about it. lighter weight then a cheap one. has a auto tint lens. witch is a nice touch also has a spot for a Bluetooth but it’s a certain brand that I don’t have.

    • I have a hjc for the street
      a heavy helment, it’s kinda loud at 80 ish
      but other then that for the past year it’s been a great helment.

  2. Get a shoei for that price, something 1200

  3. Also revzilla is a great site, fast shipping and they also price match.

  4. I fucking love my Airmada


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