Best Short Exhaust for R1


What shorty exhausts are good? I'm wanting a full Graves shorty exhaust and to get rid of the TOCE undertail. 2013

Best Short Exhaust for R1

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  1. Graves low mount!

  2. Will the toce fit 08 r1? If so I’m interested in the cans

  3. These were made for the 09-14 don’t think they’ll fit the 08 models

  4. Graves is the way to go with yamaha…toce is garbage

  5. Graves low mount no question

  6. Coffman

  7. Thank god!!!! Toce sounds like shit lol

  8. Can I have your toce’s?

  9. Full titanium graves low mount is the way to go!! Then go ahead and chuck that junk toce exhaust in the trash

  10. I think the undertail is what gives the r1’s some of that tenacity

  11. If you do end up selling the Toce, I’m in the market.

    Topic at hand though, that graves low mount is where it’s at

  12. Austin racing FTW

  13. Lmfao these comments about Toce lovers giving this post heat? All I see are Toce haters calling the cans garbage, saying it sounds like shit and what not.. you guys are hella silly. I like my toce, I like how they sound and how they look. I didn’t buy my exhaust for you guys to like my bike.. I bought them because I like it.. now quit being little bitches about it loll gtfoh

  14. Oh and I like the Graves as an alternative

  15. Believe it or not I like the way the toce looks

  16. Gravvves! Shoot I had Toce on my 06 r1 and it sounded great but on the crossplanes I’m not a fan.

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