Best Phone Mount for my FZ-09


Looking to get a Phone Mount for my FZ what’s the best one? Don’t want my phone falling off and I’d like to be able to use my gps.


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  1. I have the Ram mount on mine. Works well and my phone has stayed on through 90+mph. I used a shorter arm for the mount to help it tuck up under my windscreen. Really clean.

  2. Ram.. On the 17s they have a bolt that does nothing right by the handle bars.. I just grabbed the correct ball mount and whatever holder you need and should be set..

  3. I have the MOB mount works great doing 100+ mph no problem, have a bolt on one and one that’s a magnet

  4. Ram mount for sure! 120+ no problem, in Mexico of course….

  5. RAM ball mount. Replace 1/4 bolts for the handlebar clamp and you’re good to go.

  6. Ram here. No complaints

  7. Find one that matches your phone size
    Mine always hits my volume down button kinda annoying \nBut it holds on tight

  8. Ram is the best and if you want the best (live)GPS download …WAZE. PS. Get a USB port wired direct to your bike.

  9. Mob armor vibrated open and my phone fell off my bike. Wish i kept the ram.

  10. RAM X-Grip here too on all my bikes. Flawless.

  11. I never thought I’d use one until I needed my GPS without the voice and dear lord am I surprised how well the ram x-grip holds my phone. Plus it can be adjusted on the fly if you really need to since the bolts have a t-handle and the phone grip isn’t dependant on the nuts being tight

  12. Question
    Who really uses the gps with the bike
    I’ve never done it
    I just get lost and wish for the best of luck

  13. I use my smart watch for visual, and headphones for speaker.

  14. Ram for the win

  15. The ball mount for the handlebar clamp is

    The x mount is

    The piece that connects the two is

  16. Ram mount never let me down

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