Best phone holder for uforce or zforce


Whats everyone using for a phone holder on their uforce or zforce??

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  1. Best phone holder phone locks tight will not come out

  2. Ram Mount works good also

  3. That was my next question

  4. This one works great for us.

  5. Made mine with GoPro arms and attachments.

  6. Suctioned it on to the clean dash in Feb, hasn’t come off once. There’s a little square that sticks to the back of your phone/case that clips in

  7. Try not to bring one get out to get away from that stuff! Lol

  8. Ram Mount for the wheeler and SxS. Expensive but rock solid.

  9. Leave it in tow rig. No time for the phone and never know how deep the water might be lol

  10. I stick mine in the little glove box on driver side of my Zforce so i have it for music (Bluetooth speaker) and for pics and vids on the trail.

  11. I’m using rokform case that mounts to their utv mount.

  12. I don’t own a zforce, but I use 3M plastic Velcro on the quad, motorcycle and in my western star. Bought a lifeproof case so my phone is pretty resistant to mud and water.

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