Best oil for the Benelli TNT 125


What is the best oil to use? Thanks

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    Firm beleiver in ZX1 friction reducer put it in mine @ 7 miles

  1. Been Using full synthetic 15/50 in mine for 1000km now (2600km total)
    It is perfect … the gearbox loves it too

  2. Andy Barron fcuks me off though when you try to help ppl & save them £ & it gets deleted as i thought that's what this group was all about

  3. Yeah I've had posts deleted aswell Chris Burbage not arsed

  4. Then simply i have no idea!

  5. Des Gibbons I wasn't implicating or accusing anyone i asked a simple question

  6. Nowt to do with me so dont implicate me in it i barely come on here and have better things to do than make people on my own group lose out when i have encouraged it from day one, if Dan says he has'nt then thats that, i trust the lad hence why i made him an admin i have no idea why your ads dont show.

  7. Des Gibbons well it's gone

  8. Chris calm down nobody is deleting them ffs.

  9. Des Gibbons Dan Thompson are links to products not allowed anymore as that's another post deleted

  10. Fully synthetic gtx

  11. I use Castrol 10w 40 part synthetic in mine

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