Best oil for kawasaki vulcan 900 classic.


Hey everyone I just purchased my very 1st motorcycle 2010 kawasaki vulcan 900 classic LT…all shops are completely booked out 1month solid does any know what kind of oil i should use? (Owners manual didnt come with bike) Doing oil change myself thanks 👍

Best oil for kawasaki vulcan 900 classic.

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  1. Manual is available online for free download as well as several YouTube ‘how to’ videos that are very helpful.

  2. Shell Rotella T6 is what I and a lot of others use.

  3. YouTube can show you several ways to change your oil but you really need a manual you can get it online and download as as many copies as you want

  4. Synthetic is the best

  5. That was my next question should i use full synthetic, semi-synthetic or conventional. The bike has 15k BABY miles on it.

  6. Just make sure you use an oil made for motorcycles. I use full synthetic Mobil 1 v twin oil. Walmart usually has the oil and a fram filter for my 2005 vulcan classic 1600.

  7. Maxum synblend 50/50 , 10 40 my meanstreak loves it.

  8. Don’t go cheap. Spend the extra pennies and go full synthetic. 10w40.


  10. Any motorcycle oil will work I personally used Mobil 1 synthetic in a 20/50 weight works for me!

  11. I use Valvoline 10/40. With my nomad and vaquero the 10/40 shows best range for heat and cold.

  12. Any good 10w40 fully synthetic

  13. How about using Google?

  14. Mobil 1 full synthetic 20/50 twin oil

  15. Mazola… Cheap as chips and it smells of chips…..

  16. 20/50 synthetic

  17. Take off left side cover it tells you all information you need inside cover.

  18. Love that Cobra pipes

  19. Congratulations!

  20. Valvoline motorcycle4 stoke oil, 10-w40

  21. Use Motul it’s life changing

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