Best Oil For CFMoto (Amsoil or Shell?)


I know its bin asked a thousand times but what oil is everyone using? Thinking of switching from amsoil to shell t6. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I like T6, weight depends on the coldest temps you’ll be running/ starting it in. I run 5w-40 in winter, 15w-40 in summer in my four stroke wheelers

  2. Amsoil is the best!!!

  3. I asked a question why a lot of ppl on here used T6 and the common answer was that T6 is a cheaper priced than most JASO spec motorcycle oils. Yes the T6 meets the requirements for your machine I think amsoil is a more superior oil. I use Castrol Activeo in my SXS and street bike.

  4. Olive or cannola

  5. I honestly don’t believe these engines are overly technical or specialized in that they require the best oil in the world (Amsoil). Use the proper weight oil for your riding conditions in a full synthetic and you’ll be fine. Last batch of oil I bought was Mobile 1 as it was only slightly more than generic oil.
    One of my street vehicles requires a ACEA A5/B5 spec oil. Not many oils meet this spec. You can physically hear the difference in the engine when you switch brands of oil. Especially once you put a few 1000 kms on it. This vehicle only gets Mobile 1 or Amsoil. But Amsoil is so bloody expensive or I would use it in everything. I believe Mobile 1 is 99% as good as Amsoil.
    My gut feeling is every other oil out there is pretty much the same.
    I will use T6 if I can find it on sale as it’s highly thought about as being a good oil, so it’s on my short list as well.

  6. Amsoil is not that bad if you join as a preferred customer and it’s not by far the most expensive out there but to each their own I run amsoil in my uforce. And love it.

    T6 is also good oil and run that in my diesel for now till I switch to amsoil.

  7. No one really knows, it’s all personal opinions, so buy what you want really.

    • Well, there are independant credible people that test oils for wear on components in engines and the end result is the same Amsoil is always #1 followed by Pennzoil full synthetic platinum followed by all the others all be it many are very close where it would’t matter a whole lot anyway. The most important thing is to never use car oil period….

    • Moe Booner sure and you can probably find studies that says otherwise. Point is most people on FB just give their personal preference without knowing why they prefer a brand. Most of them will do the trick

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