Best oil for Can Am 2018 Outlander 570


Hey all, I'm new to the group and to Can-Am ATVs. I just picked up a 2018 Outlander 570 and plan on doing my own maintenance like I do with everything else I own. Just wondering what brands/types everyone uses for engine oil, gear box oil, suspension grease, etc. I really dont plan on riding mud. Just use for hunting and trail riding if it makes a difference. Thanks in advance.

Best oil for Can Am 2018 Outlander 570

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  1. I use xps for my oil, haven’t changed the gear oils yet, I’ve only got 300 miles on my 650 xmr

  2. Let me knowing yours dies on you… my 2018 outlander 450 just did

  3. Be prepared for one of the longest oil changes in the world lol

  4. My oil change took about 10 minutes. Wasn’t bad at all

  5. I love the can am full synthetic oil change Kits they come with the right amount of oil and filter all in a compact box. I also use there marine greese on all my fittings (16 total) every other ride make sure u do this! Easy simple stuff is gonna save u allot of headaches. Make sure to check boots for rips and replace with all balls boots I personally like the all balls style bands that hold the boot on u need a tool but it’s cheap. Ride in low gear if ur trail riding the stock clutch isnt set up properly but on mine low goes 55mph and never slips. Check your lug nuts especially from the dealer! I went with a unifilter and an aftermarket mud gasket around the Airbox the stock one is a joke

  6. I am begging you to do a search on oil and oil changes. You are going to get 100 responses from everyone claiming that the brand of oil they use is the best ever made.

  7. Josh Cheathem welcome to the group, use the Can Am XPS Oils and Grease , I am a can am dealer in Hiuma Louisiana if you need anything

  8. Shell rotella t6 engine oil

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