Best oil for Beta X Trainer


Oil shops could not find Transoil Expert here, it seems Motul Turkey did not import it. According to the manual it is recommended transmission oil. So what would you recommend instead?

Best oil for Beta X Trainer

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  1. Amsoil dirtbike gear oil

  2. Beta Australia recommends GRO oils. Here is a link to the site.

  3. Motul 300V FACTORY LINE OFF ROAD 5W40

  4. Amsoil 10w40

  5. Motul 7100 10w40..

  6. ,any 10w40 full synth. will work!

  7. Amsoil dirt 10w-40

  8. Dawn Dishsoap

  9. I personally use Motul 300V Factory Line 10W40. It’s a four stroke universal oil, meaning it’s designed to properly lube the gearbox and upper engine components in a 4 stroke, but I find it does a great job of lubing the lower engine in a 2 stroke. I usually change it in 15 to 20h intervals depending on how hard I push the bike and it always comes out as green as I put it in, with minimum filings on the oil plug magnet each time. I strongly recommand you don’t use 5w40 oil as it’s usually more expensive than 10w40 with no added benefits in a 2 stroke as the oil is not pumped in the upper engine as in a 4 stroke, so lower cold density doesn’t bring any benefits. I notice where I live that on average a litter of 10w40 of the above mentione oil is usualy cheaper by ~1 Euro than the 5w40 variant from Motul.

  10. Can get it off e bay

  11. I will probably use atf as I have done on my both gasgas’s and nearly everything else I’ve owned with no problem.

  12. I have used ATF in all my two strokes since 1975 and no problems. 6932km on my 16 XT all with ATF.

  13. We use the 10w-40 engine oil in the clutch side as well. All my bikes until the last one use the same oil! I have also switched it over to the same as well. Oh btw it’s moutul oil

  14. Can you use this if you ride the Advanced class?( It says Expert )

  15. dextron atf 3

  16. I use Amsoil 0-40, works good

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