Best Oil For 2014 FZ-09


I have 2014 FZ09. Best options for oil ? This will be my first oil change as I just got the bike not long ago. Thanks.

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  1. You’ll get a lot of Yamalube guys. I use Mobil 1. Does great.

  2. yamalube for me too .. the nicer my vehicles get; the better fluids I keep (recommended)

  3. Yamalube\nPlus it’s cheap as hell

  4. I second Mobil 1

  5. Royal Purple ATF

  6. Yamalube sucks. Trust me. Motul 300V all the way.

  7. Also………really ? Another which oil should I use post ?? ANY quality synthetic is fine. Have a nice day.

  8. FYI I ran motul in two of my bikes and it fucked them royally

  9. Doubt that. Where’s your proof bucko !?

  10. just read my comment again until you understand what it means

  11. to each their own I initially followed the motul bandwagon for all the hype it was supposed to be the bomb.. both different bikes(e tech motul/and some other motuls) and something else synthetic I forget but . I noticed severe valve train noises immediately after . but I have a crazy ear so must people maybe don’t even pay attention to stuff like that. I’ve ran rotella after the motul and have had great results. I buy yamalube by the gallon , cuz I don’t wanna run rotella in the fz and for me personally I will never run motul again I have not had great success imho with that oil

  12. I run 80w-90 dino oil. Really helped.

  13. Motul 300, shifting so smooth

  14. oil is a religion. Use what you believe works for you. The reality is, they are all the same as long as they meet Yamaha’s specifications in the owner’s manual. It matters absolutely ZERO what anyone else believes works for them.

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